The Artist Collective is a monthly membership space where we can join together as a community to elevate our artistic growth, and embrace self discovery.


you've spoken, and i hear you.

You're looking for a community & a creative place to call home.


In Julie Cameron's book, The Artist Way, she describes going on a solo "Artist Date". Don't you just love that idea - an Artist Date? Me, too.


The thought of nourishing our creative selves, "to do something enchanting", to play, and to just enjoy art captivates my imagination.


But, why go solo?

Wouldn't it be great to continue our beautiful community that learns together by creating an artist collective, a private space where we join together once a month to elevate our artistic growth?


As a founding member of the Artist Collective, you can help shape our creative community.

Together, we can create a space to call our own.


Connect With Other Artists


Learn New Alcohol Ink and/or Mixed Media Techniques


Watch All New Demonstrations


Read & Reflect on Art-Based Books


Banish Your Inner Critic


Have a Say in Shaping What You Learn

I Asked and You Responded!


Thank you to the many alumni artists who took the time to let me know exactly what your dream monthly membership Artist Collective would encompass.

I know many of you want to keep the wonderful level of engagement and motivation in our alumni group going for as long as possible. And, you trust that wherever we go, as long as we go together, we know we will grow, learn, and have fun. Let's NOT forget to have fun!


Your Dream Membership


According to your thoughtful responses to my questionnaire, each month we'll discuss the hottest topics that you are interested in:


Pretty much anything that has to do with selling your art, books that move and challenge our thinking, and watch me (and, as suggested by your artist friends) - watch them create new art with inks and other forms of mixed media.

Other fabulous suggestions were a partnership with another student where you could both, for one month, ask for specific feedback and critiques on your art.

And, tons of mixed media ideas, too. Ideas I never even thought of...could be years of curriculum. This just feels so much better than another e-course right now.


And what's great about this membership, is that we can shape what we want to learn as we go along. Nothing is set in stone, meaning we can truly make this an agile learning environment for everyone.

This is YOUR place and MY place, too.

In our private group, we will continue to develop our personal expression - a place of continued self discovery and growth as an artist.

  • Writing and Discussing Your Art
  • Building Confidence
  • Finding Your Unique YOU in Your Art
  • Getting Out of Your Head - Banishing Your Inner Critic
  • The Sandbox Revisited and Reclaiming Your Passion for Play
  • The Power of Knowing When To Stop
  • Let's Meet Your Muse
  • Truly Letting Go
  • Bringing Your Soul Into Your Art

The Artist Collective monthly membership is structured through a monthly focus, guided demonstrations, book and/or podcast discussions, live Group Q & As, and a vault of monthly, expanding resources.


You will connect with other alumni in a private forum where you can ask and answer questions, share your art, and receive tons of encouragement.

As my alumni, I'd love for you to help shape the content and what you want to learn each month.


Each month, you'll get access to...

  • 2-4 full-length painting demonstrations every month on what YOU would like to learn. The number of videos will depend on the length of the videos. I am aiming to ONLY focus on one technique each month….not too much...enough so that we can live our lives with no pressure.
  • A Monthly Group Chat and Q&A - here, I will answer any questions about selling or what you are interested in. Plus, we ALL get to respond, not just me!
  • Maybe, another student will share her art techniques with the group. The student could send me a video and I will show this to the group. Or, some images, and I could share the screen with the entire group. Oh, the places we can go!
  • One book per quarter - I already have the first one picked out which will help us all immensely as we go out to sell our art.
  • Social Media Tips each month to help you grow your social media presence
  • True collaboration - driven from the desires of the collective
  • Monthly resources that will build as our collective grows
  • If you were in my last e-course, your username and password are already set up in Thinkific! Hooray!!

So, where will the Artist Collective take place?

I'm glad you asked. There's something special in store for you:


Mighty Network: community aspect

A new, private social media platform called Mighty Network that's meant specifically to bring together people to support, encourage, and learn from each other. This private network will house our artist community, which is so absolutely fabulous and more robust than a Facebook Group. It is free and I will, as always, walk you through signing in and navigating within the platform.


Thinkific: learning aspect

The learning aspect of our Collective will be housed in Thinkific. This is where I will upload our demonstration videos, Q&A replay videos, PDF Downloads or Resources, and Images. The good news is, if you were in my last round of Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks & Beyond on the Thinkific platform, just use the same username and password you already have set up!


Ready to join your fellow artists in the Artist Collective?

Our e-course alumni are inspired by learning together as a community:


"I feel confident in my art finally and am now able to say thank you when someone compliments me on it. I love to talk about the medium and the methods to achieve a piece when someone asks. I think meeting others and learning from them as well as meeting folks I consider to be friends even though I've never met them face to face is an outstanding part of this class. The ability to share our work and see the work of others is a wonderful learning tool. We also have freedom to be ourselves with Alexis and be acknowledged for doing so!"


"I've always loved to learn. I think that is part of why I chose this course. I LOVE Alexis' paintings, of course, and I felt a connection with her because of our shared background in education and belief in the importance of positivity as well as art. Sharing this journey with so many other artists was a huge bonus. We all learned from and were inspired by each other as well. I am now spending al my free time creating, practicing, learning. What a gift"


"My life has been enriched greatly by this class. From the inspirational talks, quotes, music, to the study of other artists, the many, many instructional videos, the helpful marketing information, the great live chats...I feel totally empowered to take the next step with my art. I also must say the family feel of the group and the constant encouragement for one another has been such a source of love and support that you don't find every day!"


Here's who would love the Artist Collective:

  • Someone who values being surrounded by an artistic community
  • Someone looking to refine a unique and personal art style
  • Someone who is looking for continued support and feedback
  • Someone who would like more time learning from me without having to wait for the next e-course
  • Someone who is looking to expand artistic skills and techniques
  • Someone whose heart craves sisterhood and connection
  • Someone who is looking to have a voice in shaping the content you learn
  • Someone who's soul needs a little more "me time" and time making new artistic friendships as well

Please note, at this time, the Artist Collective is in beta, and is offered to alumni of my e-courses only.


  • How is the membership structured?

    Each Monday of the month, I will release new content:

    First Monday - we jump right into the demo or demos and I discuss our monthly theme.

    Second Monday - Get ready for our book discussions. We'll engage in a book that is sure to elevate your artistic growth. I'll provide you with a downloadable PDF with discussion questions and/or a template to dig deeper into understanding your artist journey.

    Third Monday - Second demonstration as well as live Group Q & A. We'll spend half of our time discussing our books and the other half I'll answer any and all burning questions.

    Fourth Monday - The Vault - Monthly resources that will expand as our Collective grows. I'll also answer any additional lingering questions you have about our monthly topic, new demonstrations, etc.

  • Where will the membership take place (i.e. where will we "meet")?

    We "meet" in two places: the community aspect of our membership takes place in our Mighty Network, and the learning aspect of our membership takes place in Thinkific (demo videos, resources, supply list, etc). Those of you who took my summer 2017 Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks and Beyone e-course will be familar with how that works!

    When you enroll for the Artist Collective membership via Thinkific, you will be able to see a link to join the Mighty Network located in the left sidebar in a section titled "The Mighty Network - How It Works + JOIN THE NETWORK". We also have several videos and a PDF guide inside Thinkific of how to use the Mighty Network since that's a new platform for us. I know you'll love it as much as I do!

  • Will I be locked into paying for the membership?

    The monthly membership is subscription based, and you will be able to cancel your membership subscription at any time right within your Thinkific account. If you cancel, you will have access to the content until the end of your paid month.

  • Can I download the content to keep forever?

    Yes, members who use desktop computers can download content right to their computer for future reference. Tablet and mobile phone users will just need a free Dropbox account to save the content to, as the files are too large to be "downlaoded" or "saved" to the actual tablet or phone.

  • If I cancel my membership will I have access to past content?

    If you cancel, you will have access to the content until the end of your paid month. All videos will be downloadable to desktop computers or to the cloud if you use a tablet or phone, so you are welcome to download or save past demonstration videos to watch after the subscription has ended. And while you won't be able to see content when you login after your last month is finished, you can bookmark links or download PDFs given each month as you go along, should you choose to do so.

  • Can I share content from the membership?

    I understand that you may want to share all of the wonderful content with your friends and or family, but, please, this is not appropriate. If you have friends you think would benefit from this membership, please direct them to www.alexisbonavitacola.com/artist-collective and invite them to enroll to our Collective. The more the merrier!

    As in my e-courses, your registration gives you individual access only. Please be mindful that this is our private membership for those students who have registered and paid for Alexis Bonavitacola Artist Collective. Please do not copy any materials or share information from Thinkific or from the Mighty Network with others in any way, shape, or form. Feel free to share your art on your own blog and on other social media network sites/groups and please, always, credit your instructor. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property as well as the privacy of those in the Collective.

    If you'd like to read more about the terms of membership, please visit www.alexisbonavitacola.com/terms-of-service.

  • Can I post artwork that I create in the Artist Collective to the Alumni Facebook Group?

    We're creating a sacred place within the Artist Collective to share and receive feedback from one another, so I ask that you keep artwork created from Artist Collective teachings within the Collective itself. This means that any artwork that you create within the Artist Collective should not be shared within the Alumni Facebook Group, and instead posted within our Mighty Network itself.

    The Alumni Facebook Group is different than the Artist Collective becuase it is specifically made for sharing artwork and discussing teachings from my past e-courses, not new teachings within this paid Collective. Some past alumni haven't had a chance to go through all of the content in my past e-courses yet, and I wouldn't want to cause confusion or frustration if they see artwork being posted that isn't even something we go over in the course. Thank you for your understanding.

    With that said, if you'd like to post what you're making to any other Facebook group, you're more than welcome to do so.

  • So what does it mean when you say this monthly membership is in "beta"?

    What an exciting adventure we are on together! I am considering this our "beta class" which means simply we are creating our membership in an organic and collective manner for the next three months. It's brand new, so it may not be perfect yet, but we will iron out any wrinkles or unknowns as we go along. As with any new venture, I fully expect us to learn and grow together to create a learning experience that will benefit us all.

    Think of it as being an integral part of this new offering. If after three months I need to adjust some things, or need to cancel the membership altogether, I can do so at that time. I hope that after three months we are having so much fun that we want to continue learning together, and that it just keeps getting better and better as we go along!

  • Do you have any more questions?

    Please contact me with any additional questions you may have by emailing me here.

Founding Members Investment:




$24/ mo.

First Payment Due At Time Of Purchase


As a reminder, at this time the Artist Collective is in beta, and enrollment is offered to alumni of my e-courses only.


Inaugural price for this magical Artist Collective is just $24 per month for as long as you'd like to be part of the Collective. ($6 dollars per week - the price of a Starbucks coffee!)


monthly subscription details:


The monthly subscription is automatically billed each month, based on the day you sign up. If you sign up on November 1st, your next auto-payment is December 1st, and so on. If you sign up November 14th, your next auto-payment is December 14th, and so on. If you choose to cancel your membership, you will have access to the content through the end of that paid month.

You can update your billing credit card or cancel your membership at any time right within Thinkific.


I am getting more and more excited about this truly unique opportunity for all of us. Can’t wait to see you in our Artist Collective!