Alexis Bonavitacola Artist Collective

Monthly Membership

monthly membership subscription

The Artist Collective is a monthly membership space where we can join together as a community to elevate our artistic growth, and embrace self discovery.

It is structured through a monthly focus, guided demonstrations, book and/or podcast discussions, live Group Q & As, and a vault of monthly, expanding resources.

You will connect with other alumni in a private forum where you can ask and answer questions, share your art, and receive tons of encouragement.

As my alumni, I'd love for you to help shape the content and what you want to learn each month.

Hop on the interest list if you'd like behind-the-scenes updates and enrollment details for my upcoming monthly membership Artist Collective community.

love notes & success stories

Our e-course alumni are inspired by the community aspect of learning together:

"My life has been enriched greatly by this class. From the inspirational talks, quotes, music, to the study of other artists, the many, many instructional videos, the helpful marketing information, the great live chats...I feel totally empowered to take the next step with my art. I also must say the family feel of the group and the constant encouragement for one another has been such a source of love and support that you don't find every day!"


"I feel confident in my art finally and am now able to say thank you when someone compliments me on it. I love to talk about the medium and the methods to achieve a piece when someone asks. I think meeting others and learning from them as well as meeting folks I consider to be friends even though I've never met them face to face is an outstanding part of this class. The ability to share our work and see the work of others is a wonderful learning tool. We also have freedom to be ourselves with Alexis and be acknowledged for doing so!"


"I've always loved to learn. I think that is part of why I chose this course. I LOVE Alexis' paintings, of course, and I felt a connection with her because of our shared background in education and belief in the importance of positivity as well as art. Sharing this journey with so many other artists was a huge bonus. We all learned from and were inspired by each other as well. I am now spending all my free time creating, practicing, learning. What a gift"