Alcohol Inks

Cultivating a Space for Gratitude

Cultivating a Space for Gratitude

Begin with Gratitude

Over the last year, I’ve made a conscious decision to invite gratitude into everyday of my life. It isn’t that I wasn’t grateful before this year, I just did not intentionally focus on the importance of gratitude.

I would find quotes and journals and images that reminded me to be grateful for EVERYTHING.

Why Gratitude

I guess there are a lot of other virtues to think about but focusing on appreciation rather than what I didn’t have right at that very moment literally shifted my thinking. In miraculous ways. Which is why in my e-courses, both Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks and Beyond as well as INKSpiration, A Space for Gratitude was built into every single lesson.

How To Let Go of Perfectionism & Learn to Go With The Flow

How To Let Go of Perfectionism & Learn to Go With The Flow

Alcohol inks are messy. Anyone who has ever played with alcohol inks know that they are one of those mediums where it is just hard to keep everything neat. And, it is really difficult to stay within the lines! But, I tell my students. Why would you want to?

When I hear another student comment about great control….I kind of cringe a little. Control? Why do we want to control this beautiful, fluid, and magical medium?

Oh sure...don’t get me wrong.  Every now and then you will see that I like to create more “controlled” floral pieces or blooms, but I’d say at least 90 percent of my art is about going with the flow.

And I work with many students about how to let go and have fun with the inks. Many. They all want to control the inks, the outcomes, the masterpieces that they have in their minds.