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"Circles of Love"
Alcohol Inks in the Round

Discover my techniques in creating out-of-this-world colorful, abstract paintings on a variety of round disks using my favorite medium: alcohol inks. Watch the preview & scroll down to learn more.


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Circles of Love – $37

workshop description: 

Painting in the round? For years, I have painted on Yupo and other rectangular and square substrates, only thinking of my paintings from this geometric perspective.

Lately, I explored the idea of painting in the round. Painting abstract with alcohol inks in the round gave me the opportunity to play with shape, colors, and dimension in a whole new way.

Imagine yourself sitting side-by-side with me.

My online classes allow my students to feel like I am right there working through each step of the process. Very "unscripted" and real, my online classes are a combination of me talking and explaining the process as well as several video demonstrations. In this Online Studio Workshop, you'll watch me paint on four different surfaces, giving you an opportunity to work on aluminum disks (aka pizza separators!), treated round white canvas, round black canvas panels, and vinyl with a cork backing. All together, we'll paint FIVE Circles of Love.

We begin with a foundation of alcohol inks and I will share with you Tim Holtz, Jacquard Pinata, Copic Various Inks, Zigs Kurecolor, and the new Art-C alcohol inks.

I will guide you in the fundamentals of how to prepare for working with the inks as well as working in the round.

From there, your art, whether painting in the round or painting on other surfaces is sure to soar. 

As always, my classes are about joyfully discovering the energy, motion, flow and the beauty of the alcohol inks. No two discs will be alike and from the beginning your voice and your style will brilliantly shine through each of your paintings.

Whether you are one of my many alumni or a new student to my classes, you will soon understand that experimentation and exploration is an important part of my classes and no matter what your skill level my classes encourage creativity - and FUN!

Once you join, consider this a self-study class where you can go at your own pace, for as long as you like. Doesn't Lifetime Access sound great? You will also have an opportunity to join my Facebook Group - Alexis Bonavitacola Art Classes - where all students in all of my classes share joyfully in my amazing learning community of artists. 

Level of Difficulty:

All skill levels welcome


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Here's What You'll Learn & Explore:

  • Learn the fundamentals of working with alcohol inks. I'll share all of the newest inks with you, too!
  • Learn all of the supplies that I use as well as important safety tips.
  • Learn how to prepare your round surfaces for the inks.
  • Learn how to use canned air (or the air of your choice) to achieve beautiful energy and flow.
  • Learn to create abstract alcohol ink art on an aluminum disk.
  • Learn how to achieve beautiful alcohol ink effects working on both white canvas boards and black round canvas panels.
  • Learn how to revise your alcohol ink to turn it into a piece that is even more stunning than the original piece.
  • Learn how to properly seal your Circles of Love.
  • Learn how to hang and present your Circles of Love.
  • I'll even show you how to showcase your art using PicMonkey for your computer and other cool photo apps.

Workshop Format


The online studio workshop is pre-recorded and is hosted on the easy-to-use Thinkific platform.


The workshop is designed for you to work at your own pace, and you receive instant access to ALL of the workshop content when you login with your Thinkific account name and password (you will be prompted to create a free account upon registering if you don't already have one as one of my past students). Enrollment never closes, so you can join anytime you feel ready to create beautiful Circles of Love!

You will have lifetime access so you can rewatch, pause, and reference back over and over again. You will also receive access to my thriving and welcoming student Facebook group, Alexis Bonavitacola Art Classes, where you can post any of the artwork you create as a result of your learning!



  • Welcome to Circles of Love

    After my welcome video, I’ll show you all of the finished Circles of Love that we will create in class.

  • Visual Supply List

    For us visual learners, this tutorial will walk you through each of the resources that will be used in creating your pieces. As always, feel free to find the best prices for resources/materials.

  • Navigating Our Learning Platform

    For those new to Thinkific, my learning platform for all of my classes, I’ll walk you through the way class is organized as well as some terrific bells and whistles embedded within the platform.

  • Safety Tips

    Your safety is of ultimate importance and I’ll discuss the best ways to safely use alcohol inks as well as safe ways to seal your inks, too.

  • All About the Different Alcohol Inks

    Watch me demonstrate all of the inks available today and how each of these inks can create very different effects in your projects.

  • Access to Alexis Bonavitacola Alcohol Ink Art Classes Facebook Group

    Get ready to share your art in a wonderful, warm, caring learning community. The link to join our alcohol ink art community will be found in this section of the curriculum.

  • Baja Blue: Alcohol Inks on 12-inch Black Canvas Panel

    Next we move on to Baja Blue. We prepare the surface, I’ll share the demonstration of this beauty, and how to seal your art.

  • The Red World: Alcohol Inks on White 20-inch Round Canvas

    I’ll show you how to prepare your surface, how to create your beautiful Red World, and how to finish the sides of your canvas.

  • Abstract Alcohol Inks on Aluminum Disks

    Using gorgeous colors of alcohol inks, my canned air techniques and metallics, watch me create an out-of-the-world conversation piece for your home.

  • Additional Alcohol Inks in the Round Examples

    If you need more inspiration, I will show you two additional examples for even more ideas to create your Circles of Love.

  • Bonuses

    Watch me redo a piece that needed tweaking to create one of my new favorites, The Story of My Life. I’ll also demonstrate another Out Of This world piece on vinyl with a cork backing.

  • Hanging and Presenting Your Art

    I will share with you a variety of techniques for hanging your Cirlces of Love as well as sealing your pieces for longevity.

  • Digitally Showcase Your Art

    Using PicMonkey and other photo apps to showcase your pieces – want to know how to cut a circle frame to show you social media. I’ll show you a few ways to showcase your masterpieces.

  • Final Thoughts

    My thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Supply List



Please Note:

When you purchase the workshop, you have immediate access to the content and video lessons. Please take into consideration that if you need to order supplies, it may take a week or two for them to arrive before you can dive into creating your Circles of Love.

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When you purchase the course, you have immediate access to the content and video lessons. Please take into consideration that if you need to order supplies, it may take a week or two for them to arrive before you can dive into creating your Circles of Love.


A Warm Welcome

Hi there! I’m Alexis Bonavitacola.

I'm an artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and passionate human being  dedicated to leading a purposeful life. I specialize in abstract art, especially the energy, motion, and flow of alcohol inks. I have 20 years as an educator, hold a Ph.D in education, love teaching students of all levels, and taking my art to new levels. I believe in the value of sharing our talents and giving back to inspire others to grow. I look forward to being your instructor and sharing in your artistic journey.