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Filming Your Art For Creatives


Designed specifically for the artist who wants to learn how to film your art in a step-by-step comprehensive strategic plan

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Floral Expresssions in Wax – $

workshop description: 

There is no better time to pick up your paintbrush than summer so get ready to come and unleash your creativity and learn with me as I guide you in the creation of your own floral masterpieces.

Florals in Bloom is filled to the brim with content - over nine hours and 63 videos to take you on a fabulous adventure through all types of floral creations. 

Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in painting gorgeous blooms and I know that many share my universal love of flowers. Whether I am painting in alcohol inks, encaustic wax, or other mediums such as acrylics and oils, I’ve always had a soft spot for florals. The more expressive, the better!

Imagine yourself sitting side-by-side with me.

My online classes allow my students to feel like I am right there working through each step of the process. Very "unscripted" and real, my online classes are a combination of me talking and explaining the process as well as many video demonstrations. 

In every video, you'll see me showing you exactly how I create art - nothing is held back and all of my techniques are revealed. On some demonstrations, the inks will do their "magic" with beautiful fluidity. In other lessons, you'll watch several step-by-step instructions that take thoughtful commitment and practice. You’ll see it all. 

In Florals in Bloom, I will walk you through key fundamental elements in thinking about florals. Color studies, learning how to make perfect stems and leaves, and step-by-step in modern floral design will be at the beginning of your journey.  Setting The Foundation is full of important and inspirational information for you, as well. 

Every module explores different techniques and designs of flowers whether thinking of abstract or more realistic flowers.

Each demonstration takes you through my thinking process and you will see how I use brushes with alcohol inks and how the addition of mixed media in our designs adds such depth and excitement to your pieces.

This class has something for everyone and the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to paint small or go bigger, this class offers you a place to nurture your own style and invites creative expression in floral design.

As always, my classes are about joyfully discovering the energy, motion, flow and the beauty of the alcohol inks and beyond. No two paintings will be alike and from the beginning, your voice and your style will brilliantly shine through each of your paintings.

Whether you are one of my many alumni or a new student to my classes, you will soon understand that experimentation and exploration is an important part of my classes and no matter what your skill level my classes encourage creativity - and FUN!

Level of Difficulty:

all skill levels welcome


Once you join, consider this a self-study class where you can go at your own pace, for as long as you like. Doesn't Lifetime Access sound great? You will also have an opportunity to join my Facebook Group - Alexis Bonavitacola Art Classes - where all students in all of my classes share joyfully in my amazing learning community of artists.

My Alexis Bonavitacola Art Classes Facebook group is full of constant encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and support. I am deeply committed to the growth of each and every student in my classes.

Join me as we create beautiful flowers together in Florals in Bloom.


Here's What You'll Learn & Explore:

  • Beautiful color combinations in all of the alcohol inks available to create gorgeous floral pieces.
  • Learn all of the supplies that I use, important safety tips, and information on sealing and archival quality of your art.
  • How to mix colors to make the perfect greens for stems and leaves, including my technique for making PERFECT stems.
  • Where and how to find inspiration for your Florals in Bloom.
  • Easy step-by-step directions for creating simple, modern florals.
  • How to create florals on black modeling film, black glossy card stock, Yupo, Ampersand Gessobord, and canvas.
  • How to use alcohol ink and a brush as well as combining acrylics to create colorful mixed-media backgrounds.
  • How to create eight single alcohol ink abstract floral studies.
  • How to make a gorgeous coneflower with a feathery skirt of petals, including my secret for adding fun texture to cone-shaped flowers.
  • How to create beautiful peonies and poppies using only alcohol inks on Yupo.
  • Learn how I used lemon-colored gesso on Ampersand to create a beautiful foundation for mixed media.
  • Explore adding encaustic wax to your alcohol ink pieces to create depth as well as creating simple encaustic florals.
  • Learn what Ceracolor water-soluble wax is all about and how to use it in your floral pieces.
  • How to use reference photos to trace your florals as we create a beautiful step-by-step flower using masking fluid.
  • Learn how I create Iris bulbs in alcohol ink and acrylics, encaustic wax, and Ceracolor water-soluble wax.
  • Learn how to paint BIG on treated canvas using both alcohol inks as well as acrylics.
  • My secrets for knowing how to present your art for sharing in other groups or in product development.
  • How to use practice sheets of gorgeous ink-stained Yupo and turn into a mixed media masterpiece.
  • Learn several different websites and/or phone apps for framing and presenting your art online to showcase your masterpieces.

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When you purchase the course, you have immediate access to the content and video lessons. Please take into consideration that if you need to order supplies, it may take a week or two for them to arrive before you can dive into creating your Florals in Bloom.


A Warm Welcome

Hi there! I’m Alexis Bonavitacola.

I'm an artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and passionate human being  dedicated to leading a purposeful life. I specialize in abstract art, especially the energy, motion, and flow of alcohol inks. I have 20 years as an educator, hold a Ph.D in education, love teaching students of all levels, and taking my art to new levels. I believe in the value of sharing our talents and giving back to inspire others to grow. I look forward to being your instructor and sharing in your artistic journey.

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