Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks & Beyond - Six Week Online Artistic Journey


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A six-week guided online artistic journey to help you explore the possibilities, unlock your creative potential, and embrace the wondrous world of alcohol inks and beyond. This is my premium signature program for people of all ages and skill levels who want to discover and enhance their artistic potential to create truly stunning works of art using beautiful alcohol inks.


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“This was the first online course I ever took and Alexis set the bar incredibly high. The number of technique demos, along with the feedback, support, and encouragement provided by Alexis was unbelievably generous.

She was definitely born to be an artist and a teacher. Alexis is “all in” when it comes to her students and that is something I genuinely respect and appreciated. She created a fantastic, fun, judgment-free, and nurturing learning environment. Alexis’s teaching style fosters a group dynamic that is positive and encouraging. This class was a breathe of fresh air!  This class has honestly been a life-changer for me.”



“Participating in Energy.Motion.Flow was a life changing experience for me!

I knew it would be a good experience, but I had no idea what greatness was in store for us! This was beyond anything I could even dream of! I don’t think there is another teacher out there that is willing to put so much time and effort and love into a class! Not only did the painting, but the TED talks helped me so much. You shared everything you know, and few artists would do that!”



"Because of all of your encouragement and inspiration to me and to all of your students, I have entered two local art shows -- both at art clubs to which I belong. The last one and biggest one, I entered four alcohol inks and sold three of them. I just submitted three more for this month’s show and I am feeling empowered!

I came away with a friend, a teacher, a mentor and a new sense of who I am as an artist. I can now call myself an artist and not wonder if I am one - I am!!"



“I have taken Alexis’s course three times already, and I plan on doing many more!

For the first time in my life I “feel” like an artist. I “feel” brave and adventurous…like the sky’s the limit! You can't put a price on what you’ve created for us all.

Thank YOU, Alexis, for dreaming up such a wonderful EXPERIENCE!”