Creative Explorations in Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media Coming Soon!

MORE details coming soon:

A five-week journey in artistic freedom where we unlock the keys to the intriguing genre of mixed media. We'll explore how to confidently take creative risks as inventive mixed media artists. You'll be inspired to learn the value of joyful experimentation and rediscover your natural, creative spirit with a variety of mediums such as alcohol ink, pastels, acrylics, encaustic wax, and more. We'll explore each medium and have a blast mixing several of these wondrous mediums together.


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“With great sacrifice, and trepidation I signed up for Alexis’s course. No regrets. This is a unique program packed with so much value. I’ve received more than I spent on this course, much more. The videos alone are of great value and I’ve watched many of them over and over. However, a visual demo is not complete without a universal commitment from both teacher and student. A quick demo catches the eye but not the heart. Alexis’s class does both, and she makes it look effortless. I’ve bought other courses since, but I'm afraid this one ruined me. I expected too much! Alexis is a truly gifted teacher, and I am forever her grateful student.”



"I am so honored and thankful to be part of this community of learners. Honestly, this experience has changed my life. There are no words to express how grateful I am to all of you."



"Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your love of art with us, as well as sharing a piece of your soul. Even though I knew nothing about the waxes or most of your tips and tricks, the “beyond” to me became learning about why I wanted to paint. I learned that in order to express my art outwards, I had to first look inwards. You’ve given me so much to think about. To me, though, your greatest gift is not your AMAZING art, but your ability to connect with people and to connect people to each other. I know the door to the classroom is closing, but I like to think a window has been opened. Many, many thanks to you Alexis."



"Alexis, thanks being so open and trust worthy of the group. You lead by example by putting yourself out there. When I sign up for this course, I didn’t know what to expect. I told my friends that I am taking an art e-course. They all said "How can you take art Class over the Internet?" I told them that I don’t know! Wait and see. I got a lot more than I expected. Your dedication and enthusiasm are incredible. I am really glad that I have such a wonderful teacher and connected with all of these new cyber friends. "