Our community of students have made an empowered choice to give themselves permission to express themselves, to explore where the art will take them, and connect with their soul and with others in our supportive community of fellow artists.


Read what some of our alumni have to say about their creative journey and success taking my e-courses:


"Alexis's course is more than learning how to paint a single picture, it's about learning technique, using the techniques learned and applying them to your own art. Alexis's course is also about inspiration for the soul and your art.

Her down-to-earth teaching makes you feel that she's right there in the room with you! I highly recommend taking her e-courses!!"



"Alexis ignites creativity in her students!  With unlimited energy and planning, she encourages her students to grow in their confidence and artistic expression.  

Her classes are a life-changing artistic experience!" 



Ready to take your art to the next level?


"Finding Alexis and her course was the catalyst that I needed to develop from a struggling alcohol ink artist into a next level."

Alexis has given me inspiration, tools and methods to make my art bloom! I am still half way through but already I am planning huge changes in my life because she has made my brave woman emerge!" 



“Alexis has introduced me not only to new techniques in alcohol ink and related media, but allowed me to improve my work.

Additionally, she has taught me about presenting my art for its best benefit. I’ve been enrolled in only one class with this inspiring, knowledgeable, giving, caring instructor, but look forward to joining more classes with her.”



Reclaim Your Passion And Love of Art


"You have a gift to not only share with the class your amazing talents and teaching prowess, but to also guide us on a journey that was so much more than learning alcohol ink techniques. You opened your heart and gave of yourself as you taught us tips and tricks for painting with alcohol inks, shared your journey and personal struggles.

You were a guiding light that directed the class away from self-doubt and moved us into a mindset of gratefulness and appreciation of what we can aspire to be.

You connected a group of individuals who had never met but shared a bond as we embraced learning, struggled and shared our art with one another. We were taught to find joy in the process of painting no matter what the outcome and, if the outcome was not what we envisioned, to step away, revisit again (and possibly again) to create something wonderful from the "oops". Not only did I stumble into Alcohol Ink's but I also stumbled upon your art which ultimately led me to your class, I am grateful.

I arrived "home" and reclaimed my passion and my love of art. I feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life, I found a piece of myself that had been missing for way too long."




Hesitating Whether Alcohol Inks May Be Right For You?


"I originally hesitated taking your e-course Energy Motion and Flow because the art was abstract and I wasn't sure I would like this type of art for me. However, the more I looked, the more I became convinced that this course would be an excellent way for me to stretch and improve my artistic abilities. I'm so thrilled that I made the leap out of my comfort zone to sign up for your class! I am inspired daily by your abilities, your thoughtful comments and mostly your constant encouragement for all your current and prior students! You are an amazing instructor Can't wait for the next opportunity to learn something new from you—keep on keeping on!

Thank you for showing me abstract art in an entirely new light!"



Dream, Explore, Learn, Create, And Grow!

"My art is becoming so much more! I just sold two prints and a keepsake box yesterday. I also participated in a local art walk. I’m finally feeling confident and am excited for continual growth of where this can take me!!" Christine
"You have been a huge inspiration to me, personally as well as artistically! Your courage, honesty, openness about your journey, as well as your great creative talent and personal integrity will continue to inspire me as I continue my own journey." — Cathy
"Thank you Alexis for helping me transition from someone who timidly dabbled in painting to a person who calls herself an artist and sold 15 paintings in 2016!" — Barbara
"Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your love of art with us, as well as sharing a piece of your soul. Even though I knew nothing about the waxes or most of your tips and tricks, the “beyond” to me became learning about why I wanted to paint. I learned that in order to express my art outwards, I had to first look inwards. You’ve given me so much to think about. "To me, though, your greatest gift is not your AMAZING art, but your ability to connect with people and to connect people to each other. I know the door to the classroom is closing, but I like to think a window has been opened. Many, many thanks to you Alexis." — Maria
"Alexis, you have expanded my artistic experience way beyond anything I could have imagined when I retired. Thank you for sharing the best part of who you are a gifted teacher and artist." — Chris
"You brought me back to my art career that I had dropped 12 years ago to care for aging parents and I have sold six paintings in the last couple of months! Four of those paintings were alcohol inks that I did as a result of your classes! Just think…I am only one person you have touched! If we all wrote down how you have touched our lives, what an eye-opening story it would make. You are a dynamo that never seems to run down and you have accomplished this year more than I can even comprehend!" — Shirley
"Thank you so much Alexis! It was truly inspiring to see all of these gorgeous pieces in one place! I learned so much in that six weeks and I’m so excited to keep learning and exploring. I feel like I’ve just begun on my art journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and all of my insanely talented classmates and teacher!" — Wendy
"I’ve never been in a class where – all the while developing gifts – I felt SO loved, understood, and nurturedEncouraged to Dream, co-create, and collaboratively shift the world via LOVE!" — Trude

Take Risks, Experiment, And Have Fun!


"Alexis - you have been an exceptional mentor. I too have a high bar for instructors - you have surpassed all our expectations. Sincere thanks."


"I never could have imagined being able to call myself an artist!

You have urged us to spread our wings and fly and I've taken that to heart! I feel that I can now introduce myself as an artist! I have grown not only as an artist but as a person during our time together."


"Four of my pieces were accepted for the Lemont Center for the Arts Show. I sold three and received the People's Choice Award for "Cosmic Bloom"!

My head is spinning...this is the first time I've ever exhibited...thank you Alexis for taking me on this incredible journey with alcohol inks, for teaching courage and confidence as well as technique!"


"I recently enrolled in Alexis' E-course 'Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks & Beyond". 

Three take-aways from this course: take risks, experiment, and have fun. 

Alexis facilitates her students to take risks through strategic use of sequential and modeled video lessons, Ted Talks, and social media support. Further, she encourages us to keep a growth journal. We experiment with both the skills learned and the different mediums explored.

But, finally and most importantly, we have loads of fun. Alexis is a great teacher because she works hard, has the knowledge, and cares so much about her adult art students."




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